Architectural Improvements (ARB)

Do you want to make an architectural improvement to your condo, such as replace windows or update your screened-in porch or lanai? Before any work commences, the ARB (Architectural Review Board) Application must be completed by the owner and submitted to the ARB for approval.

Download the ARB Application

No pen needed for this application (if you prefer). The ARB Application is a fillable PDF where you can type information directly into the document. In order to do this, download the PDF and then open in Adobe Acrobat. If you do not open this PDF in Acrobat, you will not be able to type in the fields.

Please submit one application per improvement. All applications are subject to the Declarations of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for the Raintree Condominium Association.

A complete and detailed application will expedite the approval process. Attach a copy of the PROPOSAL from a licensed contractor for the work OR indicate that you will be making the improvements yourself. Also include a site plan (lot survey) with dimensions, construction specifications, proposed color, location and any other information necessary to adequately describe the proposed improvement. Be sure to reference the Raintree Paint Colors if your improvement needs to match an existing structure, door, etc.

Once you have everything ready, email your application and supporting documents to Vista Management at or fax them to Vista Management at 407-682-0181.

You also can mail the documents to Vista:

323 Circle Drive
Maitland, FL 32751

Alternatively, you can bring the application and supporting documents to the next scheduled Board Meeting. Please note that if you choose this method, a decision regarding your architectural change may not be discussed at that meeting, and approval or denial of your change could be made a later date.