Work Orders

Vista Management handles all work orders for Raintree. All work orders must be submitted through Vista Management. Once received, the work order is expedited to a Board member and/or a representative from Vista Management who will respond accordingly.

Why is a work order important? Work orders are a record of maintenance performed around the community. If you ask someone directly for maintenance assistance, there is no record of your request. A work order helps the Board organize and follow-through with requests, so you know that your concern has been received.

The Raintree Condominium Association is only responsible for common areas, roofing and building issues. 

The easiest and best way to submit a work order is through the Homeowner Portal.

If you do not have access to your Homeowner Portal, work orders may also be submitted by emailing or calling Vista Management:

Owners are responsible for problems with plumbing, A/C, heating, electrical, windows, doors, etc. If you are a renter or guest experiencing issues with plumbing, A/C, electrical, windows, doors, etc., you must contact the owner or rental agent of the unit for assistance, not Vista Management, Ventura Homeowners Association (VHOA) or Raintree Board Members.