Gate Access

Starting Monday, July 15th, will replace TEKWave. This new visitor management system will offer the following features: web access to add guests, App accessibility, and voice call-in.

After the transition, Ventura residents will no longer be able to call Access Control to add visitors. The only way to add guests or vendors will be through or by calling the Admin Office at 407-275-7002.

Please note that Call Authorization will not be active until August 1st.


The Gate Access system can be accessed through a web browser on a desktop or laptop at

If you use a smart phone or tablet, download the free app at the Apple store for IO devices or Google Play for Android devices. The app is listed as: ABDi GateAccess.

The community code and user instructions were emailed to all homeowners and tenants prior to the July 15th start date. If you did not receive any notices regarding the new Gate Access system, call the Admin Office at 407-275-7002 or check out the manual to learn how to manage your account: Gate Access Manual.