Living in Raintree

The best way to keep our community safe and the property values high is if we take care of our units and adhere to the Raintree rules and regulations. It takes all of us to help make this happen. Below you’ll find helpful topics, guidelines and tips about living in Raintree. Be sure to click the “Read More” button to go further into each topic.

Raintree Pool

A Raintree pool pass is REQUIRED to use the pool area. The pool area is for Raintree Residents ONLY – no other communities within Ventura may use this pool. Pool rules are posted at the pool cabana, and must be followed.


Ventura parking stickers must be clearly visible at all times when parked in Raintree. Do NOT park is spaces marked MAINT or NO PARKING. Vehicles parked in these spaces will be towed at your own expense. Guests must park in spaces marked GUEST PARKING.

Speed Limits

SLOW DOWN. There’s no need to speed in Raintree. All residents and guests must observe the 10 MPH speed limit when driving in Raintree. The Woodgate Blvd. speed limit is 25 MPH, which is patrolled and you will get a speeding ticket!

Dog Waste

Not cleaning up after your pet is breaking the law. Bring a bag, pick-up the waste and dispose of it in the trash. Feces can carry bacteria and parasites which can affect both humans and animals. Failure to pick-up your pet’s waste on public ways, recreation areas or private property could result in a fine as stated in Orange County Code 5.42.

Loud Noise

Community living mandates strict noise guidelines per Orlando City Code 42.04. All residents must be respectful and considerate as it pertains to loud noise, No noise between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.