Ventura parking stickers must be clearly visible at all times when parked in Raintree. Do NOT park is spaces marked MAINT or NO PARKING. Vehicles parked in these spaces will be towed at your own expense. Guests must park in spaces marked GUEST PARKING.

Units without garages: The assigned parking space number coordinates with the last two digits of your condo number.

Units with garages: Parking your car in front of your garage is recommended, if you have a unit with this space.

Parking spaces during the summer months become increasingly tight, so please park in designated areas. If you own vehicles that do not move on a daily basis, park these vehicles in lesser-used areas around Raintree. Vista Management can recommended parking areas if needed.

Important Notes Regarding Cars in Raintree:

  • All vehicles in Raintree must have current tags. Any vehicles without tags will be towed.
  • No maintenance of any kind can be performed on vehicles, such as oil changes. Washing your car is acceptable.
  • If your car leaks oil and damages the pavement, you will be responsible for the repair charges to replace the asphalt. The owner is responsible for any asphalt damages caused by the renter.
  • Vehicles must be parked between the lines. If the car is not parked between the lines, you will be towed.