Water Shut-Off Valves

Each owner and renter should be familiar with the water shut-off valve location of their unit. You should also familiarize yourself with how to turn the valve off and on.

If you are away for long periods of time, turn the shut-off valve to the off position. This will release the constant pressure on the plumbing system of your unit and minimize potential water leaks occurring unexpectedly during your absence. You will also want to power off the hot water tank from the main electrical panel in case the water system drains for any reason. This will also save you money on your power bill.

When you are ready to turn the water back on, slowly turn the water valve handle. Do NOT open the valve quickly! Allow the pressure to slowly build in the system. It only takes a few seconds for the system to charge to normal pressure. If you open the valve quickly, this could cause excess stress on copper pipe solder joints, plastic pipes and ice makers.

Once the system is pressurized, open water taps in your condo to allow any excess air in the system to escape. When the water is flowing steadily you can restore the power to the hot water tank in the main electrical panel.

The reference guide below contains instructions and photos to help you identify and operate the valve:

Water Shut-Off Guide