Roofing Project Update: What’s Being Done Over the Next Few Months

The Roof Committee has finalized all the paperwork and adjustments for the very important and expensive roofing construction job, and now it’s time to begin! It is also now time to prepare your unit with these recommendations (especially snow birds).

After all the talk about the roofs and the insurance claim, we are very close to the start. A contractor has been chosen, and the process has begun. Thanks to everyone for their patience during the long process of dealing with the insurance company on the roof damage claim. The settlement payment has been received and will go a long way towards funding the project. It certainly has not been an easy process. The 6-member all-volunteer Roof Committee had to organize and decide how to move forward with this extensive project. There were many, many meetings.

Here is what will be done over the next few months:

1. All roofs are being removed and replaced with new shingles. Any water damaged plywood roofing will be replaced.

2. All of the “Fascia” boards will be replaced as needed.

3. All gutters will be replaced with new ones, downspouts only as needed.

4. Non-garage units will have the “loft” windows removed to eliminate any leaks, now and potential. Any structural damage from leaks will be repaired. The top section will be roofed over, the vertical section will be replaced with new crank out windows that will open for ventilation. All skylight windows in these units will be replaced with new up-to-code tinted and UV coded ones.

5. All upper garage units: the glass wall windows in the master bath will be removed to eliminate any leaks, now and potential. All existing structural water damage will be repaired. The upper section of the large roof windows will be roofed over. The vertical section will be replaced with crank-out windows. This will also bring much needed ventilation.

6. Skylights in the lanai roofs will be replaced with new ones conforming to existing code (with the exception of those who chose to roof over their lanai skylights).

7. Garage lower end units with garden windows: the upper sections will be roofed over, and the vertical sections will be replaced with new glass. This will eliminate any existing and potential leaks. All existing structural water damage will be repaired.

8. The interior window areas will be finished off ready for paint (which is the owners’ responsibility).

A letter to all homeowners will follow from Vista so please look for it and read carefully on how all construction will take place and in what order.

This information was also sent out by email. If you do not receive emails from Raintree, please sign up now. Construction schedules and additional information will posted and provided to on-site residents when construction begins.