Preparing Your Unit for the Roofing Project

Construction will begin soon and it is important to prepare your unit for the upcoming roofing project. Construction schedules and additional instructions will be posted and provided to on-site residents when contractions begins. In the meantime, the following actions are recommended to prepare your unit for construction, especially if you will not be in Raintree during the project. Snow birds should do these now. For more details regarding the scope of the project, please read this roofing project update.

1. If you have an angled/garden window, access to your unit will be required. To avoid a charge for a locksmith, leave a key with a permanent resident or in a lock box at your unit and update this information with Randy Moreland (6116 Raintree).

2. If you are leaving your car in an open parking space, please leave your car key with a permanent resident or in a lock box at your unit and update Randy Moreland (6116 Raintree). Cars may be towed at owner’s expense if necessary.

3. Tighten up ceiling fixtures and glass bulbs and relocate items that may be affected by the vibrations of construction (knick knacks, pictures, etc.). This should be done by both upper and lower units.

4. Remove items under skylights and cover areas directly below skylights.

5. Remove all items from areas where new windows will be installed.

If you have any questions regarding the above recommendations, please contact Randy Moreland at 407-341-2672.

Roofing Project Update: What’s Being Done Over the Next Few Months

The Roof Committee has finalized all the paperwork and adjustments for the very important and expensive roofing construction job, and now it’s time to begin! It is also now time to prepare your unit with these recommendations (especially snow birds).

After all the talk about the roofs and the insurance claim, we are very close to the start. A contractor has been chosen, and the process has begun. Thanks to everyone for their patience during the long process of dealing with the insurance company on the roof damage claim. The settlement payment has been received and will go a long way towards funding the project. It certainly has not been an easy process. The 6-member all-volunteer Roof Committee had to organize and decide how to move forward with this extensive project. There were many, many meetings.

Here is what will be done over the next few months:

1. All roofs are being removed and replaced with new shingles. Any water damaged plywood roofing will be replaced.

2. All of the “Fascia” boards will be replaced as needed.

3. All gutters will be replaced with new ones, downspouts only as needed.

4. Non-garage units will have the “loft” windows removed to eliminate any leaks, now and potential. Any structural damage from leaks will be repaired. The top section will be roofed over, the vertical section will be replaced with new crank out windows that will open for ventilation. All skylight windows in these units will be replaced with new up-to-code tinted and UV coded ones.

5. All upper garage units: the glass wall windows in the master bath will be removed to eliminate any leaks, now and potential. All existing structural water damage will be repaired. The upper section of the large roof windows will be roofed over. The vertical section will be replaced with crank-out windows. This will also bring much needed ventilation.

6. Skylights in the lanai roofs will be replaced with new ones conforming to existing code (with the exception of those who chose to roof over their lanai skylights).

7. Garage lower end units with garden windows: the upper sections will be roofed over, and the vertical sections will be replaced with new glass. This will eliminate any existing and potential leaks. All existing structural water damage will be repaired.

8. The interior window areas will be finished off ready for paint (which is the owners’ responsibility).

A letter to all homeowners will follow from Vista so please look for it and read carefully on how all construction will take place and in what order.

This information was also sent out by email. If you do not receive emails from Raintree, please sign up now. Construction schedules and additional information will posted and provided to on-site residents when construction begins.

Christmas Tree Palms Planted at the Front Entrance

The Raintree Landscaping Committee planted two Christmas Tree palms in the front entrance planters as part of an ongoing committee project to revitalize the landscaping in this area. This included preparing the soil to introduce nutrients back into the soil. A special thank you to Colin helping the Committee to install the palms.

The next phase will be to add more plantings, which will take place over the next couple of weeks.

Termite Inspections in Downstairs Units on April 13th & 14th

Massey termite inspections in all downstairs units will take place on April 13th and 14th. The inspection applies to downstairs units only. Find out which day Massey will need access to your unit based on your Building number.

If you will not be home and cannot arrange for someone to be home during this inspection (such as a neighbor), call Massey directly at 407-648-4881 to schedule an appointment. This service is available at no additional charge to Raintree condo owners/renters.

Below are the dates and which Buildings will be inspected on that date. Which building am I in?

Wednesday, April 13th
Start time is 9:00 a.m. Massey will need to get into each of the downstairs units in Buildings 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 12.

Thursday, April 14th
Start time is 9:00 a.m. Massey will need to get into each of the downstairs units in Buildings 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 27.

Landscape Committee Improvements Continue

The Landscape Committee has been busy picking out some new replacement shrubs and plants (upwards of 100 of them). We are able to purchase these at wholesale prices, and pick them up ourselves. Colin has been busy installing these around the community, as directed by the Landscape Committee, to replace some long-dead plantings. Thank you to Colin for all his planting work!

Looking to make landscaping modifications around your condo?

Start with the Landscaping Guidelines. These guidelines are your first resource to learn more about how you may make (if approved) landscaping changes to the areas around your condo.

Front Entrance Palm Replaced & Installed

A new palm was planted in the front entrance to replace the one that was struck by lightning. It is the same type of palm that was there before. Check out the installation photos. The fronds will be opened in a couple of weeks so the palm can get established in that spot.

Cottage Grove Court Landscaping Improvements

The Landscape Committee has been very busy, getting together often, choosing and planting many varieties of flowers and bushes around Raintree. With the advice of the landscapers and the Landscape Committee’s approval, two sets of homeowners on Cottage Grove invested in updates to improve the entryway appearance of their units at their own expense. Please note that as of now, there will be a moratorium on any and all planting on common areas until the fall so the Board can come up with new, updated guidelines.

Sod was also replaced in the front between Buildings 10 and 16.

Photos courtesy of Tom Rawson

Sprinkler System Near Marshfield Court Floods Area Behind Buildings

Earlier this week, the sprinkler system had a major blowout overnight and was pumping out gallons of water. We don’t know how long it was happening before Mike and Diana from Marshfield Ct., sent the Raintree Board photos. It became the unofficial lake of Marshfield/Clubview! It completely flooded the rear area of the three buildings and the walking path. Luckily, no water went into any homes. This has since been repaired. As a result, the Board is having the system evaluated. In the area of the flood, there is a major control valve that hasn’t worked for a while because, over the years, it got buried one foot below the surface, and had to be excavated.

Photos courtesy of Tom Rawson

Palm Trees Trimmed and Mulch Placed Around the Community

The palm trees have been trimmed and mulch was placed around the community this month. Everything looks great! The landscaping looks very nice right now especially with all the festive holiday lights at night. Lots of landscaping photos below, but also be sure to check out Raintree’s holiday lights if you have not seen them already.

Photos courtesy of Tim Cole and Christine Wanta