Have You Checked the Smoke Detector & Fire Extinguisher Lately?

Help prevent and be prepared for potential fires in your condo unit by installing smoke detectors and having a fire extinguisher readily available. Regular maintenance of these devices is critical. Learn more about when to test and change the batteries in your smoke detectors and how to maintain and where to store a fire extinguisher.

Learn more about smoke detectors and fire extinguishers under Unit Maintenance.

Fabric Sleeves Installed on Pool Railings

Blue fabric zippered sleeves were installed on the pool railings last week to help cool them down during the summer months. Check out the photos! The railings become extremely hot to the touch in the summer heat. While the bars will still feel warm to the touch with the sleeves on, you will no longer directly touch the metal railings getting in and out of the pool.

Plants Relocated to Make Room for New Shed

Last month Raintree’s Landscaping Committee transplanted shrubs and other plants from the new shed area at the end of Cottage Grove to the small park located next to Building #2. Be sure to check out the photos! This was a great way to use existing plants for other areas of the community. So far, it looks like all the plants are doing well in their new locations.

New Trees Planted Near Buildings 9 & 10

Japanese Blueberry trees were planted earlier this month near Buildings 9 and 10. They replaced two dead citrus trees. These new trees are a beautiful addition to the Raintree landscape. Check out the photos to see how the new plantings look.