2020 Pool Passes Mailed

The 2020 Raintree pool passes were mailed last week to all owners. Each unit is given one pool pass – you can have a total of 8 persons at the pool. Pool passes are required and must always be visible while in the pool area. The Raintree pool facilities are for the use of Raintree owners and their guests or Raintree renters and their guests only.

Do you or your renters and guests use the pool? Be sure to read this.

If you see a person or group without a pool pass visible – especially if you do not recognize them as a resident – call Ventura Security at 407-380-5672 and ask them to do a pool pass check.

Please contact Vista Management if you are an owner and did not receive your 2020 pool pass. If you are a renter or guest, please contact the owner of the unit for more assistance.

Hurricane Prep: Time to Secure and Remove Loose Outdoor Items

Hurricane Dorian is expected to reach the Orlando area on Monday as a Category 4 storm. Now is a great time to remove and/or secure any loose outside items such as potted plants, wind chimes, anything stuck in the ground, anything that could potentially become airborne, etc. from the areas around your condo entrance or atrium. If you will not be here for the storm, please contact whomever is watching your property to make sure that the items around your property are removed or secured.

Securing items now will help prevent these items from going airborne and causing possible damage around the community. Thank you for your cooperation.

New Security Company and Access Control Announced for Ventura

Starting Monday, July 15th, security provider Ramco Protective will replace Securitas and provide gate access control and security services within Ventura. Ramco Protective is a single-source security services provider, providing not only trained security officers but also gate access equipment installation, repair and maintenance services.

Also effective Monday, July 15th, GateAccess.net will replace TEKWave. This new system will offer the following features: web access to add guests, App accessibility, and voice call-in. After the transition, Ventura residents will no longer be able to call Access Control to add visitors. The only way to add guests or vendors will be through GateAccess.net or by calling the Admin Office at 407-275-7002.

If you are trying to add guests or a vendor to come on property before July 15th, enter them into TEKWave. Ventura will release more details regarding GateAccess.net soon.

Hurricane Preparedness Tips & Helpful Links

Another hurricane season is here and whether you live in Raintree year-round or entrust your condo to someone while you are away, it’s important to create an emergency and communication plan. Find out how to identify a safe room, build an emergency kit and know who to contact if there is an emergency. 

Go to www.floridadisaster.org and create a personalized emergency plan for your family. The plans include a disaster supply kit list, family meeting location, evacuation information, local emergency management contact information and other relevant information. 

National Hurricane Center: www.nhc.noaa.gov

Federal Emergency Management Agency: www.fema.gov

911 is the number to call for emergency situations throughout all of Orange County.

Tornadoes can occur in Florida anytime of the year, but are known to accompany tropical storms and hurricanes as the make landfall. Monitor a weather radio and forecasts for tornado watches and warnings. If a tornado has been sighted in the area, go to an interior, windowless room such as a closet or bathroom. Crouch low to the ground and cover your head and body with pillows, a mattress, or clothing to protect your from debris.

For more local preparedness information, visit the Orange County website: www.orangecountyfl.net

Hurricane season ends November 30, 2019.

December Annual Meeting Election Results

Voting homeowners elected Allan Amer to the Raintree Board of Directors during the Annual Meeting on Monday, December 10th. Allan fills a position vacated by Alison Wanta who served as Secretary for four terms. Alison will continue to maintain the community website and email notifications per the request of the Board. Thank you for participating in this election!

Your Current Raintree Board Members

Bring Voting Ballot to Annual Meeting on December 10th

There is one position open on the Raintree Board of Directors and two volunteers have expressed an interest in the open position. A voting ballot was sent to all homeowners back in November. If you did not mail it in, bring it to the Annual Meeting that will be held on Monday, December 10, 2018, 7pm at the Clubhouse.

If you are unable to attend, fill out the proxy form (also included in the mailing) and give the form to a neighbor who will be attending the meeting. It is important for homeowners to participate in the selection of their Board representatives.