Preparing Your Unit for the Roofing Project

Construction will begin soon and it is important to prepare your unit for the upcoming roofing project. Construction schedules and additional instructions will be posted and provided to on-site residents when contractions begins. In the meantime, the following actions are recommended to prepare your unit for construction, especially if you will not be in Raintree during the project. Snow birds should do these now. For more details regarding the scope of the project, please read this roofing project update.

1. If you have an angled/garden window, access to your unit will be required. To avoid a charge for a locksmith, leave a key with a permanent resident or in a lock box at your unit and update this information with Randy Moreland (6116 Raintree).

2. If you are leaving your car in an open parking space, please leave your car key with a permanent resident or in a lock box at your unit and update Randy Moreland (6116 Raintree). Cars may be towed at owner’s expense if necessary.

3. Tighten up ceiling fixtures and glass bulbs and relocate items that may be affected by the vibrations of construction (knick knacks, pictures, etc.). This should be done by both upper and lower units.

4. Remove items under skylights and cover areas directly below skylights.

5. Remove all items from areas where new windows will be installed.

If you have any questions regarding the above recommendations, please contact Randy Moreland at 407-341-2672.