New Security Company and Access Control Announced for Ventura

Starting Monday, July 15th, security provider Ramco Protective will replace Securitas and provide gate access control and security services within Ventura. Ramco Protective is a single-source security services provider, providing not only trained security officers but also gate access equipment installation, repair and maintenance services.

Also effective Monday, July 15th, will replace TEKWave. This new system will offer the following features: web access to add guests, App accessibility, and voice call-in. After the transition, Ventura residents will no longer be able to call Access Control to add visitors. The only way to add guests or vendors will be through or by calling the Admin Office at 407-275-7002.

If you are trying to add guests or a vendor to come on property before July 15th, enter them into TEKWave. Ventura will release more details regarding soon.

Fabric Sleeves Installed on Pool Railings

Blue fabric zippered sleeves were installed on the pool railings last week to help cool them down during the summer months. Check out the photos! The railings become extremely hot to the touch in the summer heat. While the bars will still feel warm to the touch with the sleeves on, you will no longer directly touch the metal railings getting in and out of the pool.

Your’e Invited: Raintree Golf Outing

Allan Amer is organizing a golf outing right here at Ventura Country Club for Raintree residents (owners and renters) on Wednesday, March 13th. Event starts at 1:00pm. There are still some foursomes open for non-serious, fun-loving golfers! Cost per person is $23.

Reserve your spot by March 4th. 

If you have any questions and/or would like to participate, email Allan at

Can I invite guests? Only if they are not good golfers.

What about after the golf? Let’s have a drink in the 19th Hole, and then head to the Raintree Pool.